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Stockholm on water

Stockholm subway art gallery

Stockholm, Sweden

Snowy Stockholm


Streets of Prague

Lifelines of Europe

Albertina Vienna


Old Town Square Krakow

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site this medieval old town of Krakow is a treat to the eyes. Currently, the old town consists of gift shops, restaurants and traditional food outlets popping out into the narrow lanes. We visited Krakow in the peak winters of 2020 just before the pandemic hit hard on every…

Prague Old Town Square

The old town of Prague is the house of 13th-century gothic architecture 5 storeys earthy colour pallette walls with vibrant shop hoardings and medieval ornamental interiors of the shops. The cobbled stone pathways are kind of interesting as to how they have been laid with a mix of shades and patterns. This photo is from…

Prague Top view

Do you remember the scene from Rockstar “The Bollywood blockbuster movie”? We walked all the way to the Prague castle to have this marvellous view of the orange rooftops of the old town Prague. It’s a dream for all to be here… be it artists, Architects or film lovers. The most important spot I noticed…

Prague City Center

Náměstí Republiky – I would say my first interaction of the core architecture and vintage trams happened at this place. Few minutes walk after getting down at Florenc takes you to this plaza surrounded by Gothic architecture.

Library and Learning Centre, Vienna

Legendary Architect Late Zaha Hadid’s one of the finest work. The Master planning of University of Economics, Vienna. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Mumok Urban square

Mumok contemporary art Museum in one of the beautiful urban courtyards of Vienna.

Austria facade01

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